All of the pictures on these pages were taken by readers of
The Acceleration Archive who have kindly agreed to share them with us.

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On page 6 of the competition altereds in The Alan Currans Collection, there is a picture of a car called Lil' Red Rooster which was campaigned by Jim Cornock (click here to see the picture).  Jim's son Tim sent me this shot of the Rooster as it might have been.  Tim raked the body and strengthened and lengthened the chassis but that is as far as it went.  A great shame because it really looked the piece.



Ivan Sansom kindly sent me this picture of Chris Filsell's Satan's Sledge fuel funny car.  Ivan tells me that the year would 1982, he believes this was a re-cycling of Gene Snow's Snowman funny car.



I have never been to York Raceway but fortunately my next door neighbour Ray Kemp has.  This and the next four pictures were taken by Ray "sometime in the 80s".
This leaving shot shows Des Taylor's Ford Pop.  Click
here to go to Des' website to read about his 23 year career in drag racing.



This is an interesting picture of a funny car match race.  In the far lane is the Houndog Corvette funny car complete with its John Woolfe Racing sponsorship.  The other car is the ex-Houndog 9 car which passed to Dave Prior who initially ran it as Warlock.  He later acquired sponsorship from Solarport and the car is seen here in that form with (probably) Dave's daughter Lesley driving.


A good leaving shot of Dave Warne's Mean as Hell super gas pickup which was cut down from the earlier panel van.  My thanks to Ivan Sansom for identifying the car.



These are the last of Ray's pictures and show the Leyland Skytrain in action.  I remember seeing this thing at Santa Pod, I think it used water tanks to shift weight about to help it up on its back legs.
It looks like it's getting a bit close for comfort in the shot on the right.


Geoff Martin owned and drove the Oxford Builder competition altered and he has kindly sent me some pictures.
This is the first version of the car pictured with a '23 Model T body in 1979.  When the car was scrapped the body was given to Norm Wheeldon and was eventually used by Barry Giles on his Tequila Sunrise altered.  The close up shot below of the 'door' shows an Oxford Don building a brick wall.




The completely new Mark II car used the body from Pete Smith and John Williamson's Poison Ivy.
here to see a picture of this car.
From left to right in the picture on the left are Geoff, his wife Pauline and Crew Chief Andy Gibson.


A great shot of Geoff powering the car off the line at Santa Pod taken in 1988 or '89.  The car featured a full race 300 bhp Jag engine with nitrous kit, McLeod slider clutch, Fairbanks Clutchflite transmission, Mark Williams rear axle, Compomotive modular wheels, Earls plumbing and paint by Bodyshop.  All this was good for 9.74 seconds and 143mph in 1992.
Geoff raced at a total of 126 meetings between 1979 and when he retired at the end of the 1992 season.  The team won the Drag Racing News Best Prepared Car, the Tom Hales Scrutineers' Trophy and 30 other winners or runners-up trophies.



When Geoff got in touch he noted that I did not have a picture on the site of a Jaguar V12-powered Topolino-bodied altered that he dimly remembered.
I am pleased to correct this oversight by publishing this excellent picture of John Foden and Ken Hessey's Frantic car sent to me some time ago by Phil Tilley.


Dave Dick sent me some of his pictures taken from a while ago and asked me to compare them with some of his more recent work.
On the left is Barry Sheavill's Jag-powered Stagecoach altered, and on the right is the Chevrolet motivated The Incredible Hulk of Robert Hughes.


Well Dave the answer is the modern pictures are better images, they are well framed and the colours are more vibrant.  But I still love those old cars . . .
A brace of fabulous hard charging 6 second Pro Modifieds - on the left is Andy Robinson with Hakan Nilsson on the right.  Both cars sport mighty 706 cubic inch engines - that's over 11 litres!


Last but by no means least, I am pleased to be able to bring you five pictures from Dave Kelly.  Dave thinks that this atmospheric night shot of Allan Herridge in Gladiator racing Dave Stone in Stardust was taken in 1977 (ish).





Roy Phelps gets the front wheels well and truly aloft in the Santa Pod Wheelie Stingray in 1969.



The John Woolfe Racing Reliant GTE versus Opus One also taken in 1969 at the Pod.


And finally, two pictures of that great old Top Fuel Dragster Commuter with the late Tony Densham at the controls probably taken circa 1970.
Fortunately Commuter still survives and can be seen at events such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed from time to time.




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