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The Acceleration Archive who have kindly agreed to share them with us.

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Steve Smith sent me these pictures of his brother Paul's Pro Stock bike dating from the early 1980s.  The bike was built by Pip Higham in conjunction with (Steve thinks) Superbike magazine.  The bike featured an air shifter the reservoir for which was contained in the frame.  Paul found the power a bit much after successfully riding a 500cc Honda 4 previously and sold it on after a short while.






On page 6 of the Competition Altereds within The Alan Currans Collection there is a picture of a car called Pop Dragin, click here to see that picture.  Ben Rushforth now owns the car which has  been re-named Fatal Attraction and he was kind enough to send me these two shots of it.


Wolfgang Dorsch (known to his friends as 'Fisch' - don't ask me why) of Bernie's Dragracing Team sent me these two pictures of the team's 89 cubic inch 68 inch wheelbase Buell.  Fisch won the European Street Harley title in 2001 and 2002, and the German open street bike class in 2003 (facing opposition from Suzuki Hayabusas in the process).  Fisch has been told that he has the fastest and quickest street legal Buell in the world having clocked 10.26 seconds and 130mph.  A good effort with no wheelie bars or nitrous.



The really good news is that the team have taken delivery of a Pro Stock Harley which he plans to campaign in 2004 and has promised me pictures of it.


Still on the subject of motorcycles it was Fisch who alerted me to the fact that an old British bike was still going strong in Germany.  The bike in question is Lucifer, the unusual Volkswagen-powered machine with a part aluminium monocoque chassis.  Siegmar Kloss is the present owner and rider of Lucifer and he has kindly sent me these two pictures of the bike.


If you would like to see some pictures of Lucifer when it was being campaigned by John Charlton in the UK, click here and here.



Do you recognise this car?
Neither did I.  This is Brooklyn Heavy, one of the pair of all-conquering Sox & Martin prepared Pro Stock cars imported into the UK many years ago by Colin Mullan.



Fortunately the car is in the hands of Jan Thoren and is now (May 2003) in the paint shop using (I am proud to say) some of my pictures in an attempt to recreate the original look of the car.  You can see early pictures of the car by clicking here and here.


This '69 Charger is Jan's street car which he has owned for 24 years and which, at 512 cubic inches, was the biggest engine in Sweden when he got it.  It which weighs in at 3,650 pounds and has done a best of 9.3 seconds at 150 mph on 114 octane petrol only.



The car has 14.2 : 1 compression, a "Big Brute" 2 speed, straight cut gears and a lock up converter.  Jan has used the car on the streets throughout the time he has owned it.


Here are a set of pictures of the Dorset Horn Austin A35 bodied competition altered of Dick Sharp and Bunt Wilcox given to me by Dick.
From above clockwise :
Horn #1 dating from 1973,
Horn #2 with glassed in doors, chopped roof and front air dam,
Horn #3 after crashing on it's maiden voyage after the throttle jammed open,
Horn #4 with body repaired and stretched by Pat Cuss, and
Horn #5 which made its debut in 1997.


Would you buy a used car from this man?
Meet Alan O'Connor the extremely extrovert driver of Al's Gasser which is my favourite race car with doors of all time.  My thanks to Peter Jones for sending in this picture.


As promised Fisch has come through with a couple of pictures of the new Harley.  The team's bikes are owned and sponsored by Bernie Schönherr of Bernie's Harley Davidson & Buell Dealership of Wetzlar, Germany, Bernie is in the lower picture on the left.  The bad news is the record for a street legal Buell is back in the USA in the hands of Jim Dixon who ran a 10.14 second lap.  Stay tuned - Fisch is definitely after getting it back.


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