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The very existence of The Roger Phillips Collection within The Acceleration Archive is entirely due to the efforts of one man - Andy Barrack.  Andy somehow managed to track Roger down, persuaded him to loan his collection for scanning and publication, and then set about scanning 1,776 images (he let me do the other 464).  He then thought up the form in which he would display the collection and virtually the entire structure for this part of the site was born.

Although Andy's knowledge of drag racing was encyclopaedic, he recognised that a little bit of expert help would never go amiss.  If you read through the pages in Roger's collection you will find mention of such luminaries of the sport as Clive Rooms, Ian Messenger, Jim Reynolds, Martin Hagon (son of Alf Hagon), Keith Lee, John Hobbs, Tony Thacker (of the NHRA Museum), Steve Murty and Chris Dossett (Trakbytes).  Oops, I almost forgot - check out page 1 to see the superb input from none other than the legendary 'Big Daddy' Don Garlits.

The magnificently detailed article on the P&G Racing team of Pelle Lindelöw and Gunnar Elmqvist is yet another example of Andy's unerring attention to detail and highly innovative style.

Sadly, Andy  passed away in January 2014 and UK drag racing lost one of its most enthusiastic and knowledgeable sons.  If you want to know what sort of person Andy was, I can do no better than to repeat the words of Ian Messenger as published in his obituary on the UKDRN Forum :

"Like some other people on this forum I originally came into contact with Andy when he asked for my help in identifying riders/drivers from photographs and also confirming some facts & figures for his research. I’m glad to say from this initial contact we became firm friends and along with Janet, his partner, and my wife Pauline, we shared many an enjoyable evening in the eateries of Bedfordshire & Northamptonshire.
Alan Currans has already mentioned on Eurodragster his vast knowledge and attention to detail in articles he wrote. He was also intelligent, articulate and compassionate. Also I mustn’t forget to mention his unquenchable passion for Drag Racing....but most of all he was great company. I’ve been fortunate enough to come into contact with many decent people (and some not so decent!) through Drag Racing but I can honestly say Andy was the nicest guy you could wish to meet.
I know it’s a well-worn cliché but he will be sorely missed, Drag Racing has lost one of its unsung heroes….RIP Andy.


This page, and indeed the entire Roger Phillips Collection,
is dedicated to the memory of Andy Barrack.




As the title of this page suggests, it's all about the altereds in Roger's collection although I must confess they are not all fuel altereds.




This is the car that started it all in the UK - Freddie Whittle's immaculate Shutdown AA/FA.
From its authentic 1960s stance to the hand-crafted aluminium body it was pure craftsmanship from end to end.


Here are a few colour shots of the car.
I think I am right in saying that the car was always painted red when Freddie had it.
If this is correct it must be the subsequent owner, Mike Hall, in the picture at bottom right getting out of shape.
Freddie does not amused coming second in that shot at top right.  Judging by the headers I would say that is Sture Torngren's Wild Honey altered getting the better of Shutdown.



I love Phil's casual one-handed driving style - very Wild Willie Borsch.


Freddie Whittle pioneered fuel altered racing in this country, and indeed, Europe but he was soon joined by 'Flying' Phil Elson and his Sneaky T AA/FA.



The famous Stones team were the next to enter the fray with their injected Chevy Model T-bodied altered.
This car, which as you can see was painted a rather drab darkish green, originally rejoiced in the name of Doo Wot.




The car was soon running consistently in the eight second zone and it was rewarded with a nice new paint job and a change of name to Tee Rat.





US serviceman Freeman Rogers raced his Ford-powered Aardvark AA/FA.  He is seen here racing the incredibly quick Hemi-powered street-legal Jeep belonging to Swede Svante Ericsson.



The Hillbillies team of Roland Pratt and Mike Derry are probably best remembered for their two funny cars but they raced this smart injected Fiat Topolino-bodied altered before that.


This has got to be the maddest AA/FA ever built bar none!
Mark Stratton was the man who took an innocent little three-wheeler Bond Bug and inserted a nitro guzzling 7 litre V8 blown and injected lump, amongst other things.  It was called Metronome but certainly didn't go like clockwork.  Steve Cryer was the driver although I think Ed Shaver may have had a go as well.




That's all the UK altereds now on to . . .





This is the altered raced in the US by the team of the Lawce brothers and Sherm Gunn.  The centre and right hand pictures were taken at Ontario Motor Speedway in 1971.  This car, when run on gas, was the first to record a seven second clocking although it was running on methanol in these pictures.
The left hand picture is a studio shot of the car after it had been imported to the UK by Keith Harvie and named Dream Machine.




Another methanol burner at OMS in 1971 was the Reschlein and Trisch entry.



Leon Fitzgerald's Pure Heaven AA/FA is one of the legendary cars of drag racing.  It was powered by a 427 inch Chevy rat motor and ran down into the low sevens at over 200 mph.



A couple of shots of the Stone T fuel altered driven by Mikio Yoshioka.
Frank Graf took care of the wrenching on this car.
This was another low 7/200+ car.



Before the Page brothers used the name Panic ! in this country the Hazen and Velebil team had coined the term.
Gary Blazin' Hazen was the shoe.  Some drivers' nicknames are almost pre-ordained aren't they?



This is the blown alcohol entry of the Boudakian brothers.  I have no other details unfortunately.



All I can tell you about this car is that it was called Baby Huey and had a Donald Duck type cartoon on the side.
Oh, the picture was taken at Gainesville.




I like this picture of the Durel and Duke AA/A.  A really good old fashioned looking Topolino-bodied car.



A great action shot of Bellemeur and Bradford's Easy Rider burning out at OMS in 1973.


Still at OMS but back to 1971 for the Sock It To Me! A/A.





The name of Leroy Chadderton will be familiar to many older readers because Santa Pod bought the Chadderton and Okasaki funny car which went on to be called Gladiator and raced with great success by the late Allan 'Bootsie' Herridge.
The Magnificent 7 AA/FA was one of Leroy's earlier rides and its Chrysler Hemi propelled it to sub-seven second runs.

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